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Car accidents are some of the most common reasons injured individuals reach out for legal assistance. A car accident can severely complicate someone’s life, and vehicle damage is just the beginning. Serious injuries resulting from car accidents can prevent a victim from returning to work, cause permanent physical and psychological trauma, and destroy financial security. Insurance doesn’t always cover the full extent of a victim’s injuries.

The team at DiMarco Araujo Montevideo understands what car accident victims and their families endure. For the last three decades we’ve built a reputation for excellence in personal injury cases in San Bernardino. Our job extends far beyond negotiating settlements and aggressively pursuing lawsuits.

We are also some of the most accessible attorneys in the area and we’ll take the time to come to you to discuss a case. If you need medical help, we’ll ensure you have access to qualified health care professionals. We want to help you make the best possible recovery after suffering from a car accident.

What to Do After a Car Accident

After a car accident, you may experience a whirlwind of activity with doctors, investigators, and insurance representatives all trying to find out what happened. Since this part of the process can be very overwhelming, we encourage injured individuals and their families to reach out for a free legal consultation as quickly as possible. The sooner an attorney reviews your case, the more likely it is you will recover maximum compensation.

Take pictures at the scene of the accident if you have an opportunity. Accident scenes are often cleared quickly, and some evidence may disappear during the cleanup. Some simple images from your phone may yield helpful insights into what caused the accident.

If you do speak with claims adjusters, police officers, or investigators before consulting your attorney, focus on the facts. Many injured individuals unwittingly implicate themselves in causing an accident with phrases like, “I’m so sorry,” or “I wasn’t really paying attention.” California is an at fault state, and if you were responsible for causing any part of the accident, the courts may limit the amount of compensation you can claim. Only provide factual information and request that the individual wait for the results of the investigation to ask any further questions.

Who is Liable After a Car Accident?

Determining liability is the key factor in any vehicle accident case. Some cases are clear cut, but many involve factors that are not readily apparent. For instance, you might assume that the driver is always at fault in a single car crash. However, many single car crashes occur because of a defective part. In those cases, the manufacturer is wholly liable for any resulting damage and injuries. In accidents involving multiple vehicles, one or more drivers may shoulder some of the responsibility.

Every case is different, and only a careful evaluation of the facts will yield the information needed to hold a defendant accountable for the accident and resulting injuries. Other drivers on the roads, auto manufacturers, and roadway construction companies may be potential defendants in a car accident claim. We may also hold an auto insurance company liable for failing to honor the terms of a policy and provide fair compensation.

Securing Fair Compensation

At DiMarco Araujo Montevideo, we fight hard to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients based on careful considerations of financial losses, job impacts, and current and future medical expenses. In some cases, we can effectively settle cases out of court saving time and money while maximizing compensation. If needed, we can and will pursue a trial.

Every initial consultation is free. For more information about how we can help you recover after a car accident, contact our office in San Bernardino today.

Covid 19 Update: We are accepting new cases and we handle everything electronically and remotely, so our clients never have to leave their homes.