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The San Bernardino brain injury lawyers at DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo know just how difficult a brain injury is for the victim and for the family and friends of the victim. They have seen it over their thirty-plus years of experience and they have taken special pride in winning those cases. Brain injuries are some of the most complex injuries. That is why it is so important for you to hire our brain injury lawyers in San Bernardino.

We’ll Fight While You Heal

Getting complete and timely help by doctors, nurses and paramedics is very critical for brain injuries to help you reach Maximum Medical Improvement as quickly as it is possible. We know that brain injuries are unsettling and you are probably concerned about how you are going to be able to pay for ongoing treatment for your brain injury. You might also be worried about how to support your family and loved ones right now and possibly in the future. We understand these concerns and we can help you. Our focus for you is winning your case and maximizing your possible compensation while walking side-by-side with you throughout the trial. Our San Bernardino work injury lawyers can start helping you today so call us 24 hours a day at (909) 436-4610. Keep in mind that we work on a contingency basis so you won’t owe us anything until and unless we win your case.

Brain Injury Defined

The terms brain injury and traumatic brain injury are general terms that include many types of injuries to the brain and its surrounding. Head injuries, though, refer to all injuries to anywhere in or around the head so a brain injury can be considered a head injury but not always visa versa. Brain injuries can be split up into internal and external causes. External brain injuries happen due to outside forces affecting the brain including blast waves, suddenly stopping or suddenly speeding up, an impact because of a flying or fall object, or from an object penetrating the skull and then penetrating the brain. The internal types of brain injuries include toxins, infection, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, and hemorrhaging.

Brain Damage Defined

Brain damage can be a symptom of some brain injuries. Brain damage has occurred when brain cells are destroyed or damaged. Brain damage might cause a loss of consciousness or mental, emotional, or physical function.

Brain Damage & Brain Injury Causes

Brain injuries and brain damage have a lot of causes but the following is just a list of a few of the most common and traumatic causes: sports injuries (including football brain injuries, soccer brain injuries, basketball brain injuries, hockey brain injuries, karate brain injuries, and softball/baseball brain injuries), on the job accidents, skateboarding accidents, car and auto accidents, electric shock, factory or mine accidents, near drowning, motorcycle accidents, choking, malignancy, slip, trip and fall injuries, lack of enough blood or oxygen getting to the brain, strangulation, construction site accidents, pedestrian accidents, crosswalk accidents, defective products, work injuries, and violence.

The Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation has claimed that automobile accidents and being struck by an object account for about twenty percent of brain injuries each, people tripping and falling accounts for twenty-eight percent of brain injuries, whereas non-motorized bicycle accidents and violence make up a combined fifteen percent of the total. Brain damage can happen or be caused by a wide variety of problems including an aneurysm, a lack of oxygen, neurological illness, poisons, chemotherapy, most of the brain injuries listed above, or by infection.

Brain Injury While On the Job

Brain injuries happen to people very quickly and, many times, very traumatically. It happens at work as most jobs in California involve something on this risk factor list: working with or around big construction, farm or factory equipment, electricity, motorcycles, heavy objects, cars, trucks, conveyor belts, tractors, mine equipment, and chemicals. We will use their vast experience with brain injuries since 1979 to handle your workers’ compensation claims as well as any personal injury cases.

Brain Injury: A Scale

The Glasgow Coma Scale is used to evaluate and communicate the severity of brain injuries and the level of consciousness for a person with a brain injury. The score is determined mainly by motor, verbal, and the patient’s eyes’ reactions to stimulation. A score of three to eight for the Glasgow Coma Scale indicates severe brain injury; a score of nine to twelve indicates moderate brain injury, and a score of thirteen to fifteen indicates mild brain injury. Other scales exist like the Coma Recovery Scale-Revised (CRS-R) and the Coma/Near Coma Scale (CNC).

Potentially Severe Brain Injuries

All injuries to the brain, skull, neck, and head are taken seriously and require immediate medical attention no matter what the severity happens to be. The following is just a summarized list of signs that could indicate the patient has suffered a severe brain injury: dilation of both or just one pupil, convulsions, slurred speech, tired eyes, a headache that lingers, aphasia, loss of coordination, confusion, lightheadedness, weak or numb extremities, agitation, unequal pupil size, irritability, listlessness, and/or vomiting/nausea.

Brain Injuries and Comas

Comas are one possible result of brain injuries. A patient who has a coma is not sleeping (and the brain waves do not look like someone’s when they are sleeping) but rather they are in a very deep state of unconsciousness. In a coma, a person cannot respond to stimulation even if it is very “aggressive” stimulation. After a coma, a person’s condition can vary widely. Some people recover all their cognitive and physical functions along with their full memory. Other patients are not so lucky and come out of it to be in a vegetative state which could last a long time. Additionally, they could wake to be lethargic, in a stupor, or be in a state where they only recover the basic body functions.


Locked In Syndrome can be quite serious as a person cannot do anything but move their eyes and blink. Shaken Baby Syndrome could be the result of Diffuse Axonal Injuries where shaking or moving the head very quickly has caused the baby’s brain to be damaged. Second Impact Syndrome is when a second brain injury has occurred before the healing process has finished for the first brain injury. This syndrome is possible for concussion victims as it can take many months to over a year for the brain to fully heal from a concussion.

Brain Injuries: Results

Brain injuries might affect the entire brain or just specific regions. This means that the symptoms and long-term results will vary greatly. A contusion is one of the potential results of brain injuries. It is a bruise on the brain. It would need to be surgically removed if it is or becomes too big. Coup-contrecoup brain injuries are specific injuries where an injury at the site of the trauma and an injury also occurs directly opposite it. Concussions are another type of brain injury and they may have some lasting effects. It usually happens because of the sudden movement to the brain that stretches the blood vessels and damages cranial nerves. Out of all the acquired traumatic brain injuries, it is the most common. Recent studies of football players and athletes have been able to bring much information about concussions to light.

Treatment of Brain Injuries

The initial set of treatments and procedures that first medical responders will do for a brain injury victim are meant to stabilize their injuries and then get the person ready for transport or further procedures. Included in these goals are to stop the bleeding, stabilizing the neck, spine, and head, removing big blood clots, controlling the internal pressure that is in the skull, and allowing/encouraging the right amount of blood flow to reach the brain. Once those priorities are adequately accomplished, additional treatments for brain injuries include restricting the overall fluid intake, using anticonvulsants to try to help prevent seizures from occurring, using diuretics to attempt to control the amount of water in the body, and using a ventricular drain and ventricular to assist the patient to breath while being able to drain fluids as needed.

Brain surgeons might be called in to do the following surgeries on brain injury patients. The first type of brain surgery is called a craniotomy. This is where the brain surgeon making an opening in the skull to try and resolve the issues that are causing the pressure to increase (including blood clots and swollen brain tissues). A bone flap removal brain surgery is another technique surgeons can do to relieve internal pressure. The third type of brain surgery is Burr holes. The purpose of it is to remove blood clots.

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