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We guide you through this often complex and confusing legal process, allowing you time to heal and recuperate.

“Their expertise in litigation created an outcome for me beyond my wildest expectations.”

Lee H. – Construction Accident & workers' compensation

*due to privacy, actual client not pictured

Our Reputation for Success

Our San Bernardino work injury lawyers have been practicing law since 1979 and have earned a successful and respectable reputation in the legal and insurance communities. Our 30+ years legal experience, community development and firm name recognition provide a unique advantage for our clients. We understand that you are looking for a seasoned lawyer for your workers’ compensation or work injury case who has seen it all and can handle anything.

Our attorneys will take the time to speak with you, handle your case as quickly as possible and get the maximum settlement or verdict recovery for your case. We know you want the best and our reputation in San Bernardino and through out Southern California speaks for itself. We are among the best San Bernardino work accident and work injury trial attorneys you can find.

"I thank God because they handled our case and I will never be able to THANK them enough."

Erick A.– auto accident & brain injury/car vs truck accident

*due to privacy, actual client not pictured

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Since 1979, a reputation for successful California work injury litigation

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The San Bernardino Work Injury Lawyers at DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo have been helping people recover and win their work accident cases since 1979. Our lawyers know how severe work injuries can be and have the resources and experience to help maximize your case. They will do everything they can legally do to make you whole again. That includes investigating your case to look for other possible responsible parties in addition to your employer or place of work. The additional responsible parties are known legally as Third Parties, and can be a person or a company.

The attorneys at DiMarco | Araujo | Montevideo truly believe that it is right for those who caused you to be injured should be a part of your recovery.

When a Third Party is involved in your work injury case, our attorneys will file both a worker’s compensation claim and a civil legal cause of action against the additional Third Party who caused your injury or accident. A Third Party civil lawsuit and a workers’ compensation claim are separate injury claims that are distinct. These claims, although separate, are closely intertwined.

Our work injury attorneys in are very experienced in handling this complex scenario. We have been representing injured clients who are eligible for both workers’ compensation claims and Third Party civil causes of action, simultaneously, for over 30 years. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

How we can help you right now

Work Injury

  • Ensure you receive immediate and competent medical treatment
  • Give you peace of mind. We will handle dealing with the insurance companies
  • With our reputation and success record, we will get your case taken seriously
  • Full and fair compensation for medical bills and pain and suffering
  • Recover your lost income: past, present and future

Work Accidents

  • Ensure you receive immediate and competent medical treatment to help you reach Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)
  • Under the law, your employer cannot fire or penalize you for filing a workers’ compensation claim
  • If you cannot work, your employer must pay disability
  • Maximize your State Disability Benefits (SDI) and Social Security Benefits allowed under the law
  • A claim value assessment

our attorneys are well known throughout southern california

All workers in the state of California are entitled to benefits after a workplace injury. Every employer with one or more employees must carry insurance or offer proof of self-insurance to maintain compliance with state laws. However, in some cases, an insurer is deliberately trying to minimize the payout to a deserving claimant. Unless you’ve had a work accident before, you may not understand the process, your rights as an employee, or your employer’s responsibilities. At DiMarco Araujo Montevideo in San Bernardino, we help injured workers through all types of injuries, accidents, and claims complications. We offer comprehensive legal support to our clients and will represent them against insurance companies in bad faith claims. Your employer is paying for the full terms of the policy, and you deserve to receive fair compensation based on a set of fair and accurate terms. Initial consultations are always free and can help you determine if moving forward with our legal assistance is right for you, so contact our office in San Bernardino today for more information.

Our attorneys have been assisting the San Bernardino and Southern California communities for over 35 years.

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