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Posted By DAM Firm | August 20 2020 | Workers' Compensation

How to Handle a Deposition in Your Workers’ Comp Case

Some workers’ compensation cases require more than just submitting an insurance claim to recover benefits for your lost wages and medical expenses. Following an occupational injury or illness in San Bernardino, the Division of Workers’ Compensation or your employer may try to challenge your claim. In this situation, your workers’ comp case may look more like a personal injury lawsuit.

Posted By DAM Firm | August 19 2020 | Workers' Compensation

How to Appeal a Denied Workers’ Comp Claim

Recovering financial benefits through your state’s workers’ compensation program should be relatively easy. It is a no-fault system put in place for your benefit as an employee. If you get injured on the job in California, your employer’s workers’ comp insurance provider should send you a check for your losses within a few weeks.

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